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Custom • Quality • Craftsmanship

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Why Aspen Canyon?


With you, every step of the way

As an excavation specialist and foundation expert, Mark completes the dirt work and foundational work for EVERY home. With this level of fluidity, peace of mind comes easy!

superior quality you can trust
hand crafted

A truly outstanding home is not only beautiful, but strong. Licensed in home inspection, Mark understands what true quality is. Enjoy a space that's awe inspiring, but also has the bones to live long and age graciously. 

invested in you, and your vision

Mark is dedicated to you, as a person. Together, develop your vision, your goals, your home's functionality, and your budget.


Dreams  Come True

Your dream. Your vision. Your home. 

Building your home is an adventurous thought. To many, it can be downright terrifying. Is this a realistic dream? Can we do this? Can we afford the home we're imagining? All these questions, and so many more float through your mind as you begin contemplating the possibilities.  Rest assured. We've been there too. In fact, we're there every day, helping answer those very questions. Let us join with you. We'll put some direction into your compass and some wind into those adventuresome sails. Together, friends, we can create a space that you could not describe with any other word but HOME. 

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A Builder You Can Trust

If you've considered building for long, you've likely encountered some unflattering tails of home building gone awry. It's not hard to fathom how this happens. If your home is one of hundreds, then you become lost in a sea of projects. The very details that will sculpt how life feels in your new home get downgraded to mere line items on a huge conglomerate of "to-do's." And what once felt like an amazing journey begins to feel like the perfect storm. Now, reimagine this, with a builder  who sees you and your home as exactly that- YOU, and YOUR HOME. This voyage is one that Mark will take personal pride in, as he works individually with you every step of the way. Take a deep breath, let it out, and let's get started!

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Details Matter

Have you ever walked into a home and at first glance thought it was perfect only to look a little closer to find it riddled with tiny flaws? Paint splotches, caulking errors, mismatched hardware.. It's more than a let down. If these details are neglected, what other details have been overlooked? Now there's a thought that'll keep you awake at night. Not with an Aspen Canyon Home.  You are partnering with a builder who relentlessly pursues perfection in each and every home. If our homes could smile, they would, and without spinach between their hypothetical teeth.  

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